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ZIP Code Report for All States

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  • Save Time: Projects are simplified when you have easy access to all ZIP Codes in one easy to use file.
  • Plan Direct Mail Campaigns: These reports feature up to date U.S. Postal Service delivery count information (but not mailing addresses) - ideal for planning direct mail campaigns.
  • Delineate Territories, Organize Logistics: Delivery counts provide a rough estimate of the number of people, businesses, apartment buildings and single family homes in each ZIP Code.
  • Immediate Delivery: This report is available for instant download upon ordering.


  • Data Included: Reports include the following information for each ZIP Code: ZIP Code, postal town name, county, state, type of ZIP Code, and enclosing ZIP Code. (The enclosing ZIP Code is provided to give you the general location of PO Box only ZIP Codes, ZIP Codes assigned to a single company or institution, or other ZIP Codes with no delivery area.)
  • U.S. Postal Service Delivery Counts: Report also includes USPS delivery counts for each ZIP Code, including: total residential delivery count, multi-family delivery count, single-family delivery count, PO Box count, business delivery count.
  • Report Delivery: The report is delivered in Microsoft Excel format. You will be able to download immediately upon ordering via a link provided.
Product Specifications

ZIP Code Report for All States


The specifications below describe the file you would receive. We believe you should know exactly what to expect when you order from Maponics. A sample is available on this page. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-762-5158.

Enhanced Reports include the following information for each ZIP Code in the United States:
ZIP Code
Postal town name (The town name the US Postal Service associates with the ZIP Code)
Type of ZIP Code: unique (usually single institutions or companies), PO Box (made up of Post Office boxes only), non-unique (ZIP Codes with delivery areas and often PO boxes as well)
Enclosing ZIP Code (The mapped ZIP Code that contains the location of the PO Box or unique ZIP Code)
US Postal Service Total residential delivery count
US Postal Service Multi-family delivery count
US Postal Service Single-family delivery count
US Postal Service PO Box count
US Postal Service Business delivery count

* ZIP Code delivery counts are updated quarterly.
* Reports are delivered in Microsoft Excel format (.xls).
* No map is provided.