Velvet Malta is an online platform in Malta where people get the chance to exchange second-hand items through payment. This platform is the best if you need to sell items and other accessories such as pet supplements. You may find yourself with many things that are not being used as years go. From those second-hand items and accessories, this velvet will help you find customers who will buy them. Because this platform is easy to use, it does not discriminate any age. It is also secure; hence you do not need to worry about how to get paid. When the buyer receives the items and accessories and pays, the money automatically deposited into your account. Before the items are listed on the platform, they first validate by checking on the seller’s trustworthiness. Velvet’s customer service is always ready 24 hours to help you in case you have a question or problem on the platform.

How to Sell Items and Accessories Works?

In the past, a platform where people can buy and sell items and accessories was missing. The only way to buy and sell second-hand items was in local shops, but nowadays, buying and selling items has become easy and quick for individuals in Malta. This because of the introduction of velvet Malta, which has increased access to such things. These are the simple and easy steps you need to follow to start earning with velvet if you are a seller.

• Create an account
• Fill your profile completely
• Take high-quality photos
• Upload them
• Place a moderate price on each item
• Then post to advertise

If in your store there are treasures that are attractive to other people, you will make money. The pictures need to be of high quality to attract customers.

Advantages of Using Velvet

You will enjoy many benefits when you velvet Malta to buy or sell items and accessories. Such benefits are:

• Price
If you are on a constricted budget, purchasing second-hand items and accessories is the best option. If you are a seller, the price is not generated by it is yours to set. The price may also be negotiable according to the seller.

• Saving resources
When you purchase second-hand items and accessories, they help save resources, thus creating an improved environment. Manufacturing companies will not use more raw materials to produce other items and accessories.

• Easy to shop
According to the product categories, the platform is well organized to help you shop quickly.

• Extending life cycle
When you sell items and accessories that you do not need, such as pet luxury fluffy plush, you increase the life sequence because someone else may fall in love with them.

• Variety
In second-hand items and accessories, you can find some exceptional brands because they are many sellers.


Velvet is a platform that comes to help the people of Malta in some ways like:

• Saving resources
• Cutting on budgets
• Improving the environment
• Opening job opportunities
• Reducing unused load
• Helping better soil erosion

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