For many years now, humans have understood the importance of having a good skin care. But recent research has pointed the fact that all the cosmetics that we have in our bags are not that good for health. In fact, the scientists are pretty clear about that: many cosmetics are causing more damages than healing. That is why now we can find some products that are 100 % natural without additions of chemical products in it. In this text, we are going to show you many tips and tricks in order to help you buy your first natural cosmetics for a natural beauty routine.

Clay powder

First of all, it was important to start with clay. As you should know, clay has always been used in order to take care of the skin. Our ancestors would use this powder in baths or masks to clear the skin and remove all the impurities. Clay was not only used for the construction. It was also used to help the people who suffers from dry skin and spots.

Nowadays, the clay is still a good product to have in a bag for a daily routine. Otherwise, is important to repeat that the clay is 100 % natural. The red clay for face is more than a product, it is highly recommended by scientists and skin professionals. More importantly, the clay is hippo allergenic. So, that means that you don’t risk anything by putting it over your face.

Otherwise, you can also find clay in many ways: creams, powder and more importantly masks. By using internet, It is sure you are going to find a product that you’ll love and use every time you need. So, don’t hesitate to much and go for it, you will not regret it.

The honey for moisturizing the skin

The main products that are been used by people are for moisturizing the skin are pretty bad for the health, that is a fact. Indeed, all of those products are chemical and can hurt your skin. Furthermore, they can also hurt your feelings and you money bag.

Today, we advise you to open your fridge and take your honey to do your skin care. Like we said for the clay, the honey was used, in the past, for beauty routine, thanks to its composition. In fact, the honey is mainly sugar and contains many proteins that can help you to moisturize your skin.

Like clay, honey is 100 % natural but you have to be careful. Those days, we can find, on our supermarkets, honey that is not that natural. In fact, climate change is changing the game. Bees don’t survive and dies. So, the honey manufacturers are using many different honeys to create one. Sometimes they also add some chemical products and sugar. You have to avoid those products. In order to have the perfect honey, try to buy it and check all the time the composition of the honey. You will instantly see if its 100 % natural or not.

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