eBay is arguably the largest marketplace in the world, with over 1.5 billion listings on the platform. This makes it very competitive for sellers to get the attention of over 190 million customers. It takes only highly skilled sellers to get their items in front of buyers, get positive feedback and complete sales.

For those who are still struggling with how to become successful at selling new, old and valuable objects on eBay, here are some good tips.

Consult eBay sold listings for a pricing guide

The price of an item remains an important factor all buyers consider when visiting eBay. Setting a realistic price affects buyers’ perception of the item and also how visible your item is in eBay search results. Many buyers check eBay sold listings when checking how valuable an item is. They analyze these listings to help know if the price is fair.

Optimize your product description for SEO

Another important sale tip on eBay you should know is to always optimize your items using necessary SERP and SEO strategies. This will help describe your item properly and increase its visibility when a buyer uses a search engine. If you are selling an NFTs or art object, you might want to add size, a bit of history and features that will attract customers.

Also, use keywords which are common to expand your product reach around the world. In addition, use proper name descriptions which are SEO-friendly to increase your product visibility.

Take Good photos to get more buyers

Buyers on eBay want to see a good image of what they are buying, so each eBay seller’s listings must be clear. It should include original and high quality photos of the item in different ranges. Excellent pictures are important for visuals on social media and can create better sales.

Moreover, you don’t have to use an expensive camera or studio effects to get more buyers on eBay, all that is required is a budget-friendly smartphone. Avoid using stock photos or images already used by other sellers in any e-commerce store. Take original clips and post them against your item.

Always list your items daily

eBay’s algorithms need to be understood to get your items viewed by more buyers. Listing an object daily on eBay gets better views than listing more items daily. You will also need to update your inventory regularly to ensure buyers discover new items when they refresh your page.

Additionally, while it’s understood that making a good eBay listing takes a while, if you are a new eBay seller, you can use the eBay quick listing tool; it helps guide product sales.

Always establish trust in all sales

eBay marketplace has its shares of scams and frauds perpetrated by highly coordinated people. You will have to be diligent and careful to prevent yourself from falling into these scams. Ensure you only send products after the full payments have been received in your account.

Also, don’t fall for phishing emails that tell you to send your item before payment is made. Ensure you only accept payments from trusted options like PayPal, Bank transfer and e-wallet services.

eBay offers sellers an avenue to make money by offering a platform to place ads. To become a reputable seller on eBay, ensure you follow diligently the tips mentioned above.

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