As a lady, choosing what shoes to buy and wear can be a challenge sometimes. Besides, whatever you wear shows your uniqueness and fashion sense. It’s important to have different shoes that match your outfit for various events. If you are a trendy woman and love to wear modish fashion, here is a compilation of the fashionable women’s shoes you could try.

In winter, you could wear assertive boots and during summer, comfortable sneakers. Let’s explore the top five fashionable women’s shoes to get, for various events.

1. Air Force Ones

These Nike Air Force 1 sneakers were designed by Bruce Kilgore in 1982. Nike’s shoe collection is remarkable because of its unisex appeal. This classic shoe comes in low, mid, and high-top designs. Air Force Ones stand them out because of their fashionable look and comfortable feel on your foot.

Another plus is that they come in different colors in case you are looking for where to buy your Pink Air Force 1. Not only will you look awesome in Nike’s Air Force One sneakers, but their robust history would also appeal to most sneaker enthusiasts. Besides, you can wear them with most casual attires.

2. White Kitten Heels

Own a pair of kitten-heel boots that will match your stylish outfits. As a chic lady, you should add these fashionable women’s shoes to your wardrobe. You could wear shoes with a flowing skirt or jeans. To add a touch of style, wear a popular light-colored Sunglasses to complete the attire. Kitten heels also fit a trench coat.

3. Decorated Heels

Ornate shoes come in gold, transparent or silver shades to make that emphatic statement with your feet. The design may look plain with the decorative ornament and still, command the power to turn heads as you wear them. You can go ahead and add a designer shoe to your wardrobe. If you also decide to pick a shoe with a part of the back of the heel covered, you will also be sending the right message to admirers.

4. Platform Sandals with Ankle Strap

During the summer, you can obtain platform sandals for your outing. These fashionable women’s shoes are ideal for semiformal attires. You can get level sandals with straps around your legs or those with straps that wrap around your ankles and wear a streaming dress. To show off their beauty, most women, especially those that are following the trends, wear platform sandals with stockings.

5. Black and White Cowboy Boots

Remember the wild, wild west years? These classic boots could help you recreate that western feel by wearing knee-high cowboy boots. The boots could also be the type that reaches your shin. They remain in vogue today in different colors and lengths. If you wear these boots with blue jeans or colorful skirts, you are sure to draw attention and remind people of the good old western era.


Fashionable women’s shoes are attractive to women and male admirers any day. Likewise, wearing them shows your friends and associates how stylish you are. There you have it: sneakers, heels, and boots you can wear for the summer and winter seasons. They are a must-have for your wardrobe, so, get one today.

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