Dubai is a beautiful Arabic country with several stylish clothing. This modest tunic is an elaborate style which shows the beauty of women in the country. The dresses worn by these Dubai women are specially designed to show the epitome of Islamic trends. Since modesty holds sway in Dubai, here are the most beautiful Muslim tunics around.


The dubai abaya style dresses remain the most popular women’s clothing in Dubai. Sometimes called burqa or chador, it is an item of ideal clothing which is worn above the primary clothing. The Abayas can cover bulges because they are long, sleek and flows in style.

You can find these Abayas in several colors, however, primarily it is black. Some great designs of the Abaya are umbrella Abayas, short Abayas, flared abayas, plain Abayas and batwing Abayas.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar Kameez or suit is also another Islamic tunic worn by women in Dubai. This is everyday wear which is a traditional outfit for ladies who want something comfortable. The Salwar suits cover all the body parts except your face, hands and toes. It is a tunic which is comfortable and can be worn in public spaces.

There are various adaptations of this tunic and they are Anarkali suits, churidar suits, Sharara suits and straight suits. You will get them in various colors, designs and styles. This Muslim tunic can be paired with a scarf Odhni and Chuni.


Hijab is a traditional Muslim tunic worn by women in Dubai. This is apparel which can be paired with a plethora of different places. Some hijabs you would love are embroidered hijab, fancy hijab and prayer hijab.


Another great Muslim dress which you can use in Dubai is the Kaftan. This is a veil which covers the neck, cover hair and shoulders. The Niqabs are Muslim apparel which covers the face completely astir fits into the cultural setting of Dubai.

Dubai Tunics

Tunics are Islamic fashion clothes which are popular with women. They are in knee-length clothes and pair well with matching trousers. The clothing is embroidered and enticing. The Tunics come in prints, patterns, options and styles. Ladies need to match this apparel with trousers.

Tunics are embellished with floral embroidery, patterns and pearls. These are perfect wear which makes you comfortable and look smart on everyone.

When considering Muslim apparel that is stylish without flashy, choosing these Muslim tunics is a good suggestion. These dresses in Dubai can withstand the weather, be worn in any environment and make you stand out among your peers.

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